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Moshe Feiglin Calls on PM to Open Temple Mt Exclusively to Jews

After Rabbi Yehuda Glick was shot last night by an Arab terrorist, the police announced that the Temple Mount would be closed today to both Moslems and Jews. But MK Moshe Feiglin says that is not true. “Moslems are being allowed on the Mount, ” Feiglin related after he was barred from entry to the holy site.  “But for me, a representative of Israeli sovereignty in this Land, the Temple Mount is closed, as it is for all Jews. Does this policy subdue terror? Or does it exacerbate it? The actions of the police and security forces, who are supposed to safeguard Jerusalem, do not bring solutions; they are part of the problem.”

“I am pleased that the security forces have killed the terrorist who shot Rabbi Yehuda Glick,” Feiglin said. “But the would-be assassin is not the problem; he is the symptom. Moreover, this terrorist was released in a previous terrorist-release-for-‘peace’ deal. What a delightful ‘peace’ these deals have brought us.”

MK Feiglin is still at the gates of the Temple Mount, calling upon PM Netanyahu to turn this picture around. “Instead of being open to Moslems alone, the Temple Mount should be opened today exclusively to Jews,” Feiglin concluded.

Please continue to pray for the recovery of Rabbi Yehuda Glick: Yehuda Yehoshua ben Rivka Itta Breindel.

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