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Moshe Feiglin: Chief of Staff Eisencot on Right Track

Moshe Feiglin wrote on Thursday that he is pleasantly surprised with IDF Chief of Staff Eisencot’s proposals for revamping the army. “It seems that the facts that motivated me to establish the Professional Army Caucus in the Knesset are very clear to him,” said Feiglin.

Feiglin reported that the IDF itself has recently made a proposal to shorten mandatory service in the army and to place more emphasis on young, professional soldiers. Feiglin called this “a first, important step in transforming the IDF into a more professional and effective army, which will afford Israel more security at a significantly lower cost to the taxpayer.”

“Eisencot has also opened the door wider for the Ultra-Orthodox,” Feiglin continued, “allowing them to enlist for significant service in the IDF of their own free will. This step has already increased the number of Ultra-Orthodox soldiers in the army and that number is growing. This is the right track for security and equality in Israel,” Feiglin concluded.


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