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Moshe Feiglin: How I Would Deal with Current Diplomatic Imbroglio if I were PM

In an interview on Israel’s Channel 2, the broadcaster asked Moshe Feiglin what he would do today if he were PM. Feiglin answered that by turning to the UN, Abu Mazen has essentially declared the nullification of the Oslo Accords.  Moshe Feiglin would jump at the opportunity to formally announce the end of the cursed Oslo Accords and declare absolute Israeli sovereignty over all of Judea and Samaria. The Arabs living there could enjoy the same status afforded to the Arabs living in East Jerusalem.

“We are being dragged into impossible dilemmas because of the Oslo Accords, in which Israel essentially recognized the ‘Palestinians’ as the just side of the equation, with Israel being some sort of foreign occupying force,” said Feiglin. “This has slowly but surely brought about the erosion of our sovereignty to the point where we are willing to release hundreds of murderers and their accomplices back onto our streets, among Oslo’s many other ills.”

“Currently, the same Oslo mentality has dragged Jonathan Pollard into this bubbling cauldron as a bargaining chip,” Feiglin continued. “Pollard, a true Israeli hero and man of principle must be disconnected from all other issues. If we would believe in our own justice and right to the Land of Israel, Jonathan Pollard would have been here years ago. Remember, tens of US spies – who have done real damage to Israel – are at work in our country at any given time. We could quietly get Pollard back with no further ado – if we would believe in our own rights and respect ourselves,” Feiglin hinted.

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