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Moshe Feiglin: Trump Dangerous for Israel

“The hopes that the Israeli Right is pinning on Donald Trump remind me of the longing for (Ariel) Sharon,” said Moshe Feiglin on Sunday. “A bulldozer without a driver will always run others over – wherever it is easiest.”

“Trump is more dangerous to Israel than any other candidate,” Feiglin continued. “America will always be with us if we will be with ourselves. And it will always be against us if we are against ourselves. Our fate will not be determined by the identity of the candidate across the ocean. It will be determined by the Jewish People’s connection to our identity, here, in the Land of Israel,” Feiglin concluded.


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  1. Elijah says:

    I have always agreed with Moshe and found him to be clear, strong and have a defined vision for the Holy land. I am totally flabbergasted by this very curt ‘article’.

    Hown can you compare Trump to Ariel Sharon ? Sharon was a right winger until he became PM and then was blackmailed by the justice dept to evacuate gaza in exchange for immunity from prosecution for a building scandal. Usually great generals make terrible leaders.

    Then the second paragraph contradicts itself. You say if the leader is Trump it will be bad for Israel, then you follow that with, its irrelevant who the leader is because “we determine who is with us, Our fate will not be determined by the identity of the candidate across the ocean”.

    At a town hall meeting with Hannity in february Trump shows a clear opinion on Iran and his support of Israel. Starts at the 10:30 mark :


    This article by Moshe, if he actually wrote it is totally off mark !!

  2. ekowalsky says:

    I agree with Elijah on this. Furthermore, it is not wise for Israeli politicians to mix in on American politics. First of all, Israelis don’t appreciate when American politicians and leaders mix in on Israeli politics. Secondly, if Trump is elected POTUS, you’ve already crossed his path. Not at all a wise thing to do and I am a bit surprised that you wrote and publicized this piece.

  3. ayachad1 says:

    The problem I have is that in reality there are no ideal candidates, but I think Trump is MUCH better for America generally, and much more honest than any of the other politicians when it comes to reading how they will deal with Israel. The Democrats are completely untrustworthy and have proven themselves to be very duplicitous regarding Israel and Jewish issues and security. The fault with this article is that the author gives us no alternatives. We have to vote for someone, and I think Trump is better than anyone else.

  4. feldhamer says:

    I don’t think you guys understand this article – because it is not well written. Let me attempt to translate.

    Trump is the worst possible President for Israel, because he will give Israelis a false sense of security and they will rely on him to solve their problems.

    As Moshe says, US policy toward Israel is ultimately irrelevant. Only Israel can solve its problems. If Israel makes the right choices, it will prosper regardless of who is in the White House. If it makes the wrong choices, it will have problems regardless of who is in the White House.

    That is why Trump is dangerous for Israel – not because he will be anti-Israel or anything like that, but because he will become yet another “excuse” for the Right not to take any action of its own and will thereby postpone the ultimate solution of Israel’s current security issues by Israel and Israelis acting to benefit themselves. The first step there of course is electing real Jewish leadership.

    That is why it is not a contradiction to say that it doesn’t matter who is in the White House and then in the next breath to say that it does matter and that Trump will be bad. It really SHOULDN’T matter – but unfortunately, Israel’s actions are influenced way too much by what America says and does.

  5. drjbw says:

    Very disappointed in Moshe’s views on Trump. Whether you like Trump or not, I think he would be much better than Hillary Clinton who will be an extension of Barack Obama, the most anti-Israel President in history.
    Moshe’s views on American politics should be kept private, and his constant declarations of the decline of America and the poor condition of its economy are borderline ridiculous considering the thousands of yordim that arrive here every year.

  6. Shlomo says:

    Did Mr. Feiglin really write this piece? He is usually very intelligent and rational in his presentations. Trump is the only real pro-Israel candidate running. This brief knock on Trump makes no sense. Please clarify your opinion.

  7. שלי קרזן says:

    Please see Moshe Feiglin’s latest comments on Trump at http://www.jewishisrael.org/?p=5069

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