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The Bad Result of Passing the Buck: By Moshe Feiglin

PM Netanyahu explained today that the lifting of sanctions on Iran will necessarily lead to the completion of a number of Iranian nuclear bombs. In effect, what the PM is explaining is that his decade-long strategy of making speeches warning against Iran’s nuclear plans while passing the buck for action to the US has totally failed. Worse than that, (as I warned over the years in numerous articles and speeches) it has led to an Iranian nuclear bomb.

There is no chance any more that Netanyahu will order the IDF to attack Iran.

Ten years ago, when Ahmadinijad openly declared that he was developing nuclear weapons in order to destroy Israel, an Israeli attack on Iran would have enjoyed international approval. We can even say that the world expected an Israeli attack, similar to its attack on the Iraqi nuclear reactor – as an irrefutable necessity. At the time, any international condemnations would have been no more than lip service.
But now? After Israel has absolved itself of responsibility, making the US responsible in its stead; after the US and Europe have reached accords with Iran, essentially endorsing the existing situation – now, if Israel attacks, it will be tantamount to attacking the US and the entire world.

Netanyahu will never do that.

Additionally, from an operational standpoint, Netanyahu’s strategy of making speeches while passing the buck has brought us – ten years down the line – to a situation in which the military operation that Begin carried out against Iraq’s nuclear reactor in 1981 is child’s play compared to what is needed today.

Since Ahmadinijad began making his threats, the Iranian nuclear cancer has spread. The relevant nuclear sites have proliferated, some of the systems have already gone ‘hot’, (attacking an active nuclear reactor is a totally different story) and large sections of the nuclear mechanism is now ensconced deep underground. Neutralizing Iran’s nuclear capabilities is much more complex than it used to be.

So the next time that you hear Netanyahu explaining how bad the approaching accords are, and how they will lead to nuclear weapons in the hands of the Ayatollahs, realize that it is like a new CEO who received a flourishing company, brought it to bankruptcy and explains to the stockholders that the competition is to blame…


What Netanyahu is really saying is: I know that I promised that it will not happen on my watch, but it happened. Start getting used to the fact that your children will have to live in the shadow of a nuclear Iran (and Hizballah).




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