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Time for Solutions, Not Band-Aids: By Shmuel Sackett

The #1 question I receive – several times a day – is this: “Shmuel, what can we do to solve the problem of Arab terror in Israel?” I certainly understand why people ask this question since almost every day, knife attacks are perpetrated across the country. Just this week, Jews were stabbed in Rishon LeZion and Netanya, adding these cities to the sad list of cities in which holy Jewish blood was shed. Even though the IDF and Israeli police are working 24/7, the situation is simply out of control and people want to know what can be done.

Here is how I answer that very serious question: “We all want to stop the terror attacks in Israel but before I give my solution, I have a question of my own: Do people really want to solve the problem – once and for all – or do they just want to quiet things down for a while?” This can be compared to a person who has a strange ailment where he starts bleeding every day – out of nowhere – and is satisfied by simply taping on a Band-Aid. He knows that his Band-Aid won’t last long, but who cares? The bleeding stopped for a while… that’s good enough for him!! When the Band-Aid falls off, the foolish guy will simply tape another one on… this time with a nice picture of Sponge-Bob! The bleeding keeps coming?? No problem – stock up on all the Band-Aids money can buy!!

All kidding aside, I will simply not answer that question until the person answers mine first. We all know that every member of today’s Knesset – all 120 of them (yes, every single one) – is an advocate of BAP… the Band-Aid Plan. Some advocate waterproof Band-Aids, which last longer, while others prefer the Barbie design so that at least you can still look cute. Personally, I am not interested in BAP because no matter how many Band-Aids you buy – or even manufacture – this weak and ridiculous plan comes after Jews are already bleeding… which is something I will not tolerate any longer!

So I ask again – and please answer this question before reading any further; are you looking for a solution or for a temporary “quick-fix”? If “quick-fix” is your answer then stop reading this article. Go immediately to YouTube and listen to speeches from Prime Minister Netanyahu. He speaks great and you will love every word. When you finish watching the Bibi speeches about how he is going to be tough with terror and tough with Iran and tough with Hamas and will be known in history “as the one who restored security to Israel” blah-blah-blah… you can then watch speeches and read articles by Naftali Bennet, Avigdor Lieberman and Defense Minister Ya’alon. They all say the same thing. None of them are prepared to deal with the root of the problem and until that happens, there will be good days (Yey its quiet – the terror is over!) and bad days (Whoops, spoke too soon!).

Therefore, dearest friends, the first decision needs to be that Israel must solve the problem of Arab terror permanently. Once that is clear, the work can be done. The place to begin is by deleting the term “politically correct” from our dictionary and recognizing that the Arab enemy is something the world has never seen before. Think about this: When is the last time you heard a mother proud that her son blew himself up – as long as he took 4 Jews along with him? Even Nazi mothers did not speak this way! Yes, they were happy that their son was killing Jews, as long as he came home every night safe and sound. This was true throughout history with the Roman mothers, the Greek mothers and the Crusader mothers. They had no problem with Jewish blood on their sons’ shirts… but it better be Jewish blood and not their son’s blood. This is the first time – EVER!! – that after being informed that her son wore a suicide belt while killing Jews the mother screams out, “I wish I had 10 more sons like that!!” Let’s be serious for a minute and say something straight and to the point. You cannot make peace with people like that. Not now, not ever.

The Arab in Israel is not interested in peace. He is not interested in land nor is he interested in a state. He – and she – wants Jewish blood. They do not want Jews living in any part of Israel; from Hebron and Bet El to Tel Aviv and Tzfat. They are not impressed with Israel’s hi-tech industry, water conservation programs, medical innovations or the fact that Google bought Israel’s “Waze” for a billion dollars. They couldn’t care less. They want the Jews out of the land so they can do nothing with it. They are not interested in inheriting our factories, or in moving into our homes. I realize that none of this makes sense but neither does the fact that in 1929 – long before the modern State of Israel came into existence – the Arabs of Hebron slaughtered 67 Jews in one day – including the only doctor in town. That Jewish doctor took care of Arab patients, morning to night, and after his murder many Arabs died as a result of no medical care! On that same tragic day they also butchered the only pharmacist in town (also a Jew) which led, once again, to horrible diseases being spread among the Arab population. Do you think this bothered them? Not at all… and don’t bother using logic to figure this out, since you will fail.

Israel must acknowledge these facts and quickly set a plan into motion that will help the Arabs live long and productive lives outside of Israel. Unlike Syria, which is making their own family members run for their lives, Israel will help every Arab family find a country who wants them. Israel needs to buy their homes and send them out of the country with respectable sums of money with which they can start new and fresh lives. The Arabs who live in Israel need to know that their future is no longer in Israel but in Australia, Canada, France and Argentina. This plan of paid emigration will solve the problem by moving out those who want to leave – estimated at 70% of the Arabs in Israel. The remaining 30% will deal with “a new sheriff in town” who will not tolerate violence and who will enforce tax laws and building codes – something which has not been done since the day the Arabs arrived.

In short; the security forces need to be far more pro-active and strong in their response to any act of terror, including rock throwing which killed my friend’s baby; Yehuda Shoham. They need to hit the Arabs hard, destroy all schools who teach hatred, close all radio and TV stations which incite the population, immediately evict all spiritual leaders who preach violence, take away all comforts from Arab prisoners and never return a body of an Arab murderer until his entire family has been exiled from the country. All that is the short-term solution. For the long-term solution – which can take up to 10 years – the “paid emigration” plan must be put into motion, regardless of what the world will say.

Only then will Israel finally solve the problem and stop the shedding of Jewish blood. Enough Kaddish and shiva for our nation! Time to do what it takes to get the job done.


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  1. I agree that current politicians are engaged in band-aid solutions. But I don’t agree that a security-oriented buyout will solve the problem. The oil states will just pay them more money to stay. We have to cut off all outside sources of funds for activities inimical to the nation and people of Israel. Citizenship for minorities must be coupled with an oath of loyalty to the Jewish state of Israel and full national service. Terrorists and the people who send them to do their work should be either killed in the field or executed by a female executioner (my wife volunteers). There should be no funerals for terrorists and their bodies should be burned in pigfat. We are not involved in an ideologically neutral battle for “security”. We are fighting a jihad which must be met by a Jewish holy war. But those Muslims who oppose jihadist ideology and all minorities who support the state should be encouraged and supported. Arabs who have Jewish roots and wish to return to them should be encouraged to do so after proper investigation to insure that they are sincere and not practicing takkiyye. I wish you great success.

    • bondmanp says:

      Actually, Yehoshua, the oil states are famous for “pledging” lots of money to their Muslim friends, but rarely deliver. Your suggestions are all fine, but still re-active, not pro-active. Shmuel is being pro-acive, and that will save Jewish lives.

  2. Dveed says:

    This is the sanest idea I have heard. (and not the first time, either) Beats, “kill ’em all!”. I agree, they MUST go! Period. There is no ‘dealing’ or ‘negotiating’ with them. Their absence is the only way to solve the problem. If every one of their young boys kill two or three of us, they will win the war of attrition. Unfortunately, I see the same malaise here as I saw in Rhodesia. (now Zimbabwe) The productive people who cared, left. The thugs, do nothing with what they got. What was once the bread basket of Africa, is now a basket case. Welfare paupers. This is the future of Israel, if, things don’t change.

  3. Bear Klein says:

    Israel has two rational choices to the conflict. No one is not a two state solution for two people as the Palestinians do not accept the permanence of the Jews.

    One is try and minimize damage caused by the Palestinians and keep fighting with one hand tied behind its back when the Palestinians try their various forms of attack periodically as advocated by Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ya’alon.

    The second option is drive out forcibly all terrorists and their supporters. Allow Arabs who demonstrate loyalty (such as the Druze and many Bedouin) to keep enjoying full civil rights. Palestinian polls say 70% of the population of East Jerusalem, Gaza and Judah/Samaria (West Bank) would like to emigrate to the west. Assistance to these people should be extended to fulfill their desire to emigrate. This would allow for actual peace between Israel and the remaining Arabs

  4. bondmanp says:

    Wonderful, Shmuel. I think a good place to start is with all Muslim schools in Israel (including J&S). Simply do what the US did with Germany and Japan after WWII. Train new teachers, vet all teachers, textbooks, and classroom materials. Don’t ask to do this, just do it. Can I assume P.M. Feigin would do this right away?

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