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Urgent Call to Action for Temple Mount

For the first time since the Temple Mount was liberated more than 40 years ago, the Knesset will deliberate on the state of Israel’s sovereignty on the Mount: the most holy and important place to the Jewish Nation. The special Knesset session, requested by Moshe Feiglin, will take place this Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 25th.

Urgent Call to Action! It is imperative that all the nationalist MKs attend this historic Knesset deliberation and vote for the proposed resolution declaring that Israel is the sovereign on the Temple Mount. The MKs are under tremendous pressure not to attend. They need all the support and encouragement they can get. Please send emails (English is fine) to the nationalist MKs.  Click here for the list of emails, send your emails to the MKs and get the word out on your social media. The success of this historic opportunity is in our hands!

Here are two sample letters that our readers have already sent, to get your creative juices flowing:

Dear Honorable Prime Minister Netanyahu and Knesset Members,

Can You imagine Muslims relinquishing their sovereignty over their holiest site- Kaabeh in Mecca, or Christians over Rome? They would lose any respect and credibility for all they stand for.

Please stop the myopic appeasement.


Honorable PM Netanyahu and Knesset Members,

On Tuesday, you will have a rare opportunity to rectify an historic injustice and restore Israeli sovereignty to the Temple Mount. With your vote, we can rescusitate the beating heart of the Nation and Land of Israel. Please do not allow short-term considerations to cloud the greatness of the hour.

With thanks and anticipation to see you voting in favor,


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