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Amazing Tour of Temple Mount with Moshe Feiglin

MK Feiglin was allowed to visit the Temple Mount for the first time in a year, on 19 Adar Alef 5774/Feb. 19, ’14. As the representative of the sovereign and according to the Jewish law  principle of ‘kibush’, conquering, Moshe Feiglin entered areas of the Temple Mount usually prohibited by Jewish law.


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  1. Shlomo says:

    A great part of the pleasure of watching this is noticing what it stirs up within me. Moshe Feiglin is not a Rebbe, but one senses from him the glory and pride of being a Jew in a way that I’ve only seen before in Rebbe. Moshe Feiglin has grown tremendously in these 12 years that I’ve been following him. He’s grown into an expression of the majesty – the Gaon Yaakov – that resides within each of us, and he is, more than anyone else I know, able to live from that inner sense of majesty and to stir it up within others. My sense is that we’re not far from the finish line in his drive to be Prime Minister, and that finish line will be a new starting point for all of us. The Temple Mount is THE issue. It’s the place of majesty of the Jewish people, and through us, of the world. When it is once again elevated to a place of honor, the honor and majesty within each Jewish soul will likewise be raised up, and the world will be a different and far better place.

  2. HAKOHEN says:

    This is a wonderful video. But the music is unnecessary and distracting. In fact, it drowns out his words much of the time. You don’t need the music to add anything to his words and the video. Otherwise, yiyasher kochachem!

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