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It’s All Israel’s Fault: By Moshe Feiglin

I am about to write something you will not hear anywhere else. I know, most Israelis – and most people- do not have the tools to understand this. We built a modern, Western nation in Israel; a nation-state, similar to France – and we lost the mentality (or common sense) that makes it possible to understand ourselves and our enemies.

But ISIS is not waiting. It is fighting us with this mentality, so it is worth our while to learn its language.

Who is to blame for the massacre in France? It is us, the Israelis.

Israel is the forward post of the free world in the face of the Islamic offensive – which is neither nationalist nor territorial.

It is a very spiritual battle – if you would like, you may call it religious, but it is much deeper than that. The point at which everything connects: physical and metaphysical, holy and profane, religion, nationalism and territory – is the place chosen by G-d as His dwelling place in this world. According to all religions, that place is the Temple Mount.

This forward post was deposited into our hands 48 years ago, in 1967. We chose to give it to Islam. In other words, we opened the gate for Islam, gave it the power – and now it is conquering the world.

So it is our fault.

That’s all. I will stop here. The massacre in France is not at all enough to open the public’s minds to this truth, which proves itself time and again.

The following is from an article that I wrote just following 9/11. From a historical perspective, you can see how the truth that I am referring to allows one to accurately apprehend reality, how these predictions have played out in real time and how relevant and accurate they are now.


America Already Lost

By Moshe Feiglin

Excerpted from Moshe Feiglin’s book, “The War of Dreams” P. 393

Last Thursday, I realized that America had already lost the war.

I came to the U.S. for four days for a meeting that was scheduled for Tuesday evening, September 11, in Manhattan. The meeting didn’t take place – no one could get in or out of the city. I’m not sure if all those invited to the meeting are still alive. There were no flights back home, and all that I could do was to listen to the news and hope for a place on the first flight returning to Israel.

It was impossible to get away from the reports of the carnage. The news was everywhere: on the air, at home, in the car, in the stores. I walked into the neighborhood grocery store. The radio was on and President Bush was speaking to the American people:

“I declare tomorrow to be a day of prayer,” said the President.

Now that’s interesting, I think to myself. I can’t recall an Israeli Prime Minister who ever declared a day of prayer. Even when the Yom Kippur War broke out, Golda Meir was shocked, but I don’t remember her asking anyone to pray. But after all, I think, Americans sing “G-d bless America.” Even the British maintain close contact with the Almighty: “G-d Save the Queen.” But the Israelis have lost their connection to G-d, and all that remains is a dismal hope for a meaningless sort of freedom. To whom precisely should they pray?

“I ask every American,” the President continued, breaking into my train of thought, “during lunch time tomorrow” (not on the employer’s time, like a good Histadrut worker) “to pray for all the injured, their families, and the American nation”.

“Go to church, to the synagogue, to the mosque, and pray,” ended the President.

“Did I hear right?” I asked the storekeeper. “Did he say mosque?” She nodded.

“At this very moment you’ve lost the war,” I said to the astonished storekeeper, as I started searching the shelves for the items I needed.

America has lost the war. The Americans have made the same mistake as the Israelis, and just as Israel retreats from one defeat to the next, so the Americans are now on the same collision course.

When the black boxes of the hijacked airplanes are recovered, we will hear the pilots screaming “Allah Akhbar” in the seconds before the crash. They slaughtered you in the name of Allah, and now the President calls on you to pray to him.

This time, the American giant has received a far more serious blow than the attack that propelled it into World War II. The nation that struck Pearl Harbor received two atomic bombs in return. The latest knockout blow has no return address. During the first hours, it seemed that the American revenge would be swift and ferocious. But the hours passed, and the days, and the American tiger turned out to be a helpless kitten. The American president was busy running after the countries of the world, trying to set up a strange coalition against a few cave dwellers in Afghanistan, while senators explained on television that “we must remember that the terrorists are the enemy, not Islam”.

America has been trapped by the same weakness that has overcome Israel in recent years. It is trapped in a false notion of power, making it incapable of identifying the enemy and fighting it. Consequently, America will lose the battle in the same way Israel now loses.

The State of Israel was founded on the premise that the Jewish People are a “normal” people like all other nations. Once they establish a normal state, based on Western cultural values, they can be accepted into the family of nations. If these assumptions are valid, Israel’s disputes with its neighbors are also “normal,” rational, territorial issues that may be resolved in a logical manner.

But the Jewish People are not a “normal” nation, and its conflicts are not “normal” ones. The war being waged against us is not about territories but rather about our very existence as a Jewish nation. This is a war against our message and our mission. That is what our enemies are fighting against, while we counter as we wish to interpret reality. We demand security and offer territories, failing to understand why they refuse to accept even 100% of the disputed territory.

“The Emperor has no clothes!” Arafat shouts at us, and murders three people in Netanyah.

“Do you want us to wear something else in your honor?” Peres asks obligingly.

“He’s naked!” shouts Arafat, and murders a young mother from Alfei Menashe.

“Perhaps we’ll wear red for you?” asks Beilin.

Arafat continues to attack us, and we continue to propose solutions that fail to admit the stark reality.

It is no wonder we are losing the war.

The same is now happening to America. While America is not a Christian country, it is the standard-bearer of Western culture, which draws from Christian culture. Why do the terrorists hate the U.S. so much? Why are they prepared to commit suicide in order to kill Americans? After all, America has not conquered their country. On the contrary, many of them receive generous American aid. How strange that even Arabs in New Jersey, who are actually living in the flesh-pots of America, and could have suffered physical harm from the terrorist attack, rejoiced at the sight of the horrible massacre.
Why this hatred?

Two deviant daughters came forth from Judaism but left the fold to conquer the world: Christianity and Islam. Both hate their mother, and both fight each other.

Judaism integrates the qualities of strict justice and mercy, in harmony and in proper measure. Christianity took only the quality of mercy while Islam took the quality of strict justice.

The Moslems jealously see how the culture based on Christian mercy succeeds in gaining control over the world. Let everyone come and benefit from the cornucopia open to all – to everyone we proffer the other cheek, and the whole body. Come and take your part in the wealth, come and enter the gates of the World Trade Center. We do not conquer you with the sword. We conquer you with gold.

“Why are they bringing their wars here?” a soot-covered broker shouted into a CNN reporter’s microphone. He didn’t understand that he was conquering – not territories, but the opposing culture, straight from here – from the Twin Towers.

But every Moslem child understands it clearly. What the political commentators and senators in the U.S. fail to realize is crystal clear to the other half of the world. America is not at war with a single individual – Bin Laden, but with every child that will be born tomorrow in Cairo, Amman, Beirut, Gaza and, if he is a Moslem, even in New Jersey.

America will never admit that it is involved in a cultural war, actually a religious war. Such an admission implies that, as in the case of Israel, American values are fundamentally at question, and they are not as universal as Americans would like to believe. The happiness that the Americans pursue in the name of all humanity may be happiness for a specific group based on Christianity, but it means hell for another group that is just as large.

It is entirely possible that the balance has changed and the other half of the world is now beginning to realize its aspirations for happiness (and woe to such a culture immersed in rivers of blood). America will never admit it, and consequently will be unable to fight back. Just like the Israelis. They fail to identify the enemy. They seek the terrorists just as Sharon is pursuing individual terrorists. They are pursuing the wasps instead of destroying the nest, because they are afraid of the nest. They are afraid of a real confrontation between their values and those of Islam.

They want a coalition with moderate Arab countries. They have to prove that neither Islam nor the Arabs are their enemy. The enemy is terrorism. The situation is so ludicrous that even Arafat is being wooed – Arafat, who invented hijacking, Arafat, the father of 20th century terrorism. They want to make a coalition with him, if only to avoid facing reality.

They will catch the wasps. Bin Laden doesn’t stand a chance. He won’t be able to escape the power of the U.S. And then what? Today, every Arab child wants to be a shahid, a martyr for Islam. Bin Laden will enter the pantheon of the shahids, but another million are waiting their turn, and they are impatient. America is waging a physical war against a metaphysical enemy. It is incapable of understanding what we in Israel witness every day – overjoyed parents of suicide bombers.

In the coming months, we will see a lot of military planes take off and land. We will see destroyers and missiles, and millions of tons of TNT exploding in the Iraqi desert and in Afghanistani caves. They will kill thousands of innocent people, but in the end America will lose – because it failed to identify the true enemy.

The previous campaign was code-named Desert Storm, and the current one will be called Infinite Justice. But this justice has no goal and will consequently lack justice. If only America had the foresight and moral fortitude to face up to reality, it could win easily – without a coalition, without deploying armies, and without senseless killings.

But America is too busy deceiving itself. Not only the politicians, but the entire population. An interesting phenomenon I noticed was the self-imposed censorship of the American media. I sat and watched as the drama unfolded on television. In the first hour, there were live broadcasts from Ramallah and Shechem covering the “Palestinian” masses rejoicing over the massacre in Manhattan. I was pleased to see the pictures broadcast for all to see. Suddenly the reports ceased as if they had never happened. After the first hour, I didn’t see them again. I don’t believe that the American administration contacted the media networks and told them what to screen. It happened naturally: Don’t show the American people a reality that conflicts with its fundamental beliefs. “We shall preserve the American way of life and win” was the message.

There was no longer any footage from Ramallah or from anywhere else. Instead, an endless stream of interviews with American professors with Arab names and accents took over the broadcasts. The message was this: Here is an American called Ahmed, who is a Moslem, but who is also an American.

“I vehemently condemn this attack,” said one professor. “You have to realize that the majority of Arabs are not like these despicable terrorists. Most of them think like I do, but…” added the professor in a knowledgeable manner, “when you aid the Israeli occupation of Palestine, you cause more Arabs to be on the side of the terrorists rather than on my side”.

Consequently, Israel is out of the coalition. Even the crack rescue unit from Israel that was ready to come and help was courteously sent back to its base. Israel is the mistress that must be hidden, and Arafat, the king of terrorism, is the legitimate wife, who is courted.

It’s actually better this way, since America is not truly Israel’s ally – but we’ll leave that issue for another time.

The day after the attack, a wealthy American acquaintance approached me and asked for my comments on the situation. I told him what I thought, and he then surprised me with an interesting offer: “I am willing to pay for a full-page ad in the New York Times. I want you to compose the ad,” he said. I didn’t want to do it, because America’s war isn’t my war, and because I had hoped that this dear Jew would direct his financial resources to far more important endeavors in Israel. But the man persisted, so I composed the following quick draft:


We can kill a million Bin Ladens, but they will continue to celebrate.

[Photo of Arabs celebrating in the streets]

They have destroyed our symbols.

[Photo of the twin towers going up in flames]

We must destroy their symbols.

[Photos of the al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount, and the Kaaba building in Mecca]


Americans don’t do such things?


Therefore, America will continue to be destroyed until we understand.

My friend was astonished. “But they will start a religious war!” he exclaimed. “Can you imagine what acts of vengeance will result from this?”

“And what have you suffered just now?” I asked him. “Do you think that they only killed nearly ten thousand people because at the moment they don’t hate you so much”?

“This is a religious war,” I explained to him. “They aren’t afraid to die. They have sanctified death, they die with the name of Allah on their lips, and seventy virgins are waiting for them in Paradise. You don’t frighten them with your bombs. At best, you’ll turn them into shahids. They have directed their attack against your god. You have no alternative, but to direct your attack against theirs. When you destroy their god, they will become powerless and come back down to this world. They will suddenly be frightened by every rustle of leaves and by the prick of a pin. They will know that you understand their language and you are fighting them by their own rules.”

“Think about it,” I added, “how many people you are going to kill in vain and how easy it would be to win this war without killing anyone.”

My friend was convinced, but in the end decided not to run the ad. After all, he is an American.

I am worried by what the future holds. Since America is going to lose, tremendous frustration is going to build up in the American population. 9/11 will only be the beginning. The success of the terrorist attack will create an unconquerable desire in every Arab child to claim his share of martyrdom. Terror will increase and America won’t have an answer.

The Arab professor’s words of incitement will then start to ring true to American ears: Israel is the problem and by extension, so are the Jews.

There won’t be large-scale pogroms in America, perhaps small ones, but not the kind we have suffered in Europe. After all, there is something too good about the American people that won’t allow it. But how will a Jew show his face in the street when every American is convinced that he has lost his job and his property, that his relatives are being killed in terrorist attacks and in endless war – all because of the Jews?

My return trip to Israel was no picnic. I sat at the airport in uncertainty for nearly 24 hours with thousands of others, until I managed to get aboard one of El Al’s air shuttle flights returning the stranded Israelis home.

“If this is the line of Israeli visitors wanting to go home,” I thought to myself, “how long will the line be when American Jews rush to come home to Israel?”

I always kneel and kiss the ground when I return home.

Our Holy Land had never received as warm a kiss from me as it did this time.



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  1. Darkangel says:

    While I agree with your intended point, I must say, that such an assertion,just gives more ammunition to an enemy that has already accused Israel of being the reason for all the evil and heinous thing that it, (ISIS) and other’s like it has done. Even in some quarters, those that hate Israel and Jews are saying that Israeli forces actually carried out the attack in Paris, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

  2. ivor1942 says:

    Moishe, as usual your articles are honest and true. i sincerely wish you to become the Prime Minister of Israel.

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