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Liberty’s Creeping Erosion: By Moshe Feiglin

The new law giving police the authority to conduct a body search on anyone they deem suspicion passed the Knesset this week.

Now, they will be allowed to biometrically mark us.

They will be allowed to frisk us because they don’t like the way we look.

They will be able to arrest us, with no access to an attorney.

They can torture us (to turn us into pariahs).

Everything, of course, is done in order to protect us.

So how is it that the more they rob us of our liberty, the less security we have?

Long live the state of honor and liberty!

Remember the names of the MKs who voted in favor of this law.

When elections come, they will talk a lot about human rights.


What is liberty? Liberty means taking responsibility for your fate. Slavery means depositing your fate in the hands of others. In other words, the more that other people control your fate, the less liberty you enjoy. In order to be free, you must allow as few people or systems as possible to run your life. The ultimate free person is he who is controlled by no one – especially not himself. Dictators — those humans who have transformed themselves into gods – are actually the most enslaved people on earth.

The truly free person is he who is committed only to G-d. It is not easy for us to know what G-d wants from us. Each of us has the privilege and the obligation to try to reach that understanding and to draw his conclusions without coercion. But the principle remains: The truly free person is he who believes in G-d.

The greatest slavery mechanisms in human history were created by radical leftist ideologies that negated the existence of G-d and thus denied the sanctity of life. Stalin’s Communism murdered more people than Hitler’s National Socialism. Mao’s Communism murdered more people than the sum of all the victims of both World Wars combined. The murderousness of the Communist party in some countries continues until this very day. In fact, most of humanity, including those people who live in democratic countries – are still enslaved. Some live in iron cages while others live in golden cages, but the lesson learned from the redemption from Egypt is still waiting to be actualized.

Does the Nation of Israel, the nation that suffered slavery to humans in Egypt and made the difficult transition to exclusive service of G-d have a message of liberty for the billions of modern day slaves? Israel has the key to true liberty – the service of no one or nothing but G-d. That message though, is currently buried under layers of self-deception. To illuminate the world with its message of liberty, Israel must transform itself into a free country.

What is a free country? According to the definition of liberty above, a free country is a country in which most of the authority is in the hands of the citizens, who have true freedom of choice. In today’s Israel, the citizen has no influence over any of the country’s power hubs. Yes, he can vote for the parliament, but his vote has no significance. The fate of the country is not determined in the parliament, but by the media, the State Prosecution and other power hubs that all work together. None of these mechanisms are elected by the public or profoundly affected by its criticism.

In the authentic Jewish liberty state, the citizen is responsible for his fate. He elects his leaders and representatives to the parliament in direct district elections. In the district-election method, every citizen becomes a party “central committee member,” whose opinion is important to his elected representative.

In the Jewish liberty state, the citizen has a wide range of media options. Today, he can only choose between leftist broadcasts, because any non-leftist broadcasting stations are immediately made illegal.

In the Jewish liberty state, the nation chooses its judges. Candidates for judicial positions must first have a public hearing. Their stand on the Jewish identity of the state, the definition of family, the release of terrorists, the expulsion of Jews from their homes and more will be public knowledge before the voting begins.

In the Jewish liberty state, parents decide how their children will be educated and will be able to choose from various educational approaches.

In the Jewish liberty state, national land belongs to the Nation of Israel – to all the Jews. Every new Jewish family will be entitled to a lot of land somewhere in the entire Land of Israel. Those who claim that this is impossible can just look to see what is happening in Wadi Ara, where the State of Israel is effectively giving its land to every new Arab family.

In the Jewish liberty state, loyalty is the national behavioral code. Captives are not abandoned, Pollard is not abandoned and allies such as the Southern Lebanese Army are not abandoned.

In the Jewish liberty state, there is no compromise with evil. Evil is fought, giving the citizens the security they deserve and liberating them from “protective” walls and fences.



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