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Moshe Feiglin to Electric Company: Annul My Bill Like You Did for Arabs

Israel’s electric company is planning to annul a debt of 1.4 billion NIS, which it has not managed to collect from the Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. This is just a drop in the bucket of the overall costs to Israel of the Oslo Accords. With the insane amounts of money that we paid and continue to pay, we could have offered a very generous emigration package to the approximately 65% of the Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza who expressed their desire to emigrate.

Approximately 65% of the Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Gaza are interested in emigration from Israel, while approximately 15,000 actually do so, annually. One of the major obstacles to their emigration is their inability to sell their property under the reign of horror of the terror gangs that have taken over the Arab street since the Oslo Accords. In Newspeak, the terror thugs are called the ‘Palestinian Authority’.

Several emigration destinations beckon the Arabs of Yesh”a and are willing to absorb them. But an Arab who sells real estate to a Jew is officially sentenced to death. The restoration of complete Israeli sovereignty in Judea, Samara and Gaza  is vital. It will remove the fear and  allow those interested to sell their homes and property in a quick, simple and  efficient manner.

The cost of the Oslo Accords to the Israeli public, for Judea and Samaria alone (without Gaza) and for just the relative 65% of the Arabs who would like to emigrate is 423 billion shekels. That is almost half a trillion shekels(!) This is money that we have already spent, plus 15.3 billion shekels that we pay each year, with no end in sight. This year, an additional 1.4 billion shekels will be added to our expenditure on Oslo, the result of the annulment of the debt to the Electric Company.

Some of this money, invested for naught in the ‘peace process’, should instead be earmarked for encouraging Arab emigration from Israel with a generous, $500,000 package per family.

It is important to state that this money would not be an additional withdrawal from Israel’s budget. Instead, it is an open check, signed by the Oslo architects and given to the murder organization, the PLO.  These funds can be used to create a conceptual change, ushering in a new process that is just, ethical and will bring true peace. For more facts and figures on the cost of the Oslo Accords, see my article.

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