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The Grounded F-35s and US “Aid”: By Moshe Feiglin

Last week, the F-35 fighter jets in the US and Israel were grounded after one of the planes crashed earlier this month in South Carolina.

In the past, I had warned  time and again that the F-35 is the biggest and most sophisticated white elephant in history. I warned that its development will never end and that the purchase of the F-35s was not motivated by security considerations, that it will cause serious damage to Israel’s security and economy and that it should be immediately nullified.

My words were scorned. The Israeli public has been educated to think that we live by means of the good will of Uncle Sam. An Israeli politician who maintains the US “aid” is thought of as a successful leader who saves us from the curse of “a nation that dwells alone”.

Political interests meet very big money of the “aid” mechanism, a product of years of corruption. We’ll add to this brew the fact that the decision to purchase the F-35s was made when Ehud Barak (who subordinated the bombing of the Iranian atomic reactor to his political interests) was Defense Minister and we get a deal that covers everything but Israel’s security.


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