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Ex-Mossad Head Concurs with Feiglin: Help Gazans to Emigrate

In an article in this Shabbat’s Ha’aretz, the legendary head of the Mossad, Shabtai Shavit (the last of the ‘giants’ who served before the Oslo Accords and did not fall into the two-state-mentality) suggests the enlistment of international aid to encourage the Arabs of Gaza and the ‘rest of the refugees’ to emigrate to other countries. He states that at least 50% of the Arabs in Gaza wish to emigrate. “As we saw last week”, said MK Moshe Feiglin, “not only do the Arabs of Gaza wish to leave, but they are willing to pay thousands of dollars to endanger their lives in dilapidated boats to Italy.”

“Throughout Operation Protective Edge,” Feiglin added, “I continuously urged Israel’s government to help the Gazans realize their wishes in a safe and respectful manner. This can only be accomplished, however, after Israel conquers Gaza and annexes it.”

“There certainly is a solution for Gaza,” Feiglin continued. “Israel does not have to suffer missiles on Tel Aviv and does not have to send its soldiers to die there, just to find itself in the same place at the end of the fighting (in the best case scenario).

All we have to do is to understand and internalize that this really is our Land.

We can cut (yes, cut!) the defense budget at the moment that we understand that instead of pouring more and more money into the failed Oslo misconception, we can simply win.”


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  1. yonit says:

    What a shame that people from Gaza are so desperate to get away, they are paying human smugglers 4,000 per person to to Mediterranean to Europe. Many die.

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