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Moshe Feiglin: Full Israeli Sovereignty in All Parts of Israel

In a television interview Sunday evening, Moshe Feiglin said that the false assumption of Oslo has shattered again and again – leaving blood and tears in its wake. “The occupation must end,” said Feiglin. “The Left says to give the Land to foreign entities. My proposal is to declare full sovereignty over all of the territory in our hands. The Arabs who are living in Judea and Samaria, can make the same choice that they made in 1948: Those who prefer to live here in peace may do so and begin a citizenship process, while those who wish to leave will receive Israeli aid to do so. Those who do not want Israeli citizenship may receive temporary resident status.”

“There is no demographic problem, as the Left claims,” Feiglin pointed out. “Within ten to fifteen years, there will be an 80% Jewish majority between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River. Israel is first and foremost a Jewish state.”

“What is Israel’s goal?” asked Feiglin. “If it is peace, then the Left’s path has not proven itself for it has brought violence and war upon us. If our goal is security, then the Right’s path has not proven itself, for it has only led to the need for more and more soldiers to protect Israeli interests.

We must emerge from this vicious cycle and recognize the fact that Israel is our Land – our Jewish Homeland,” Feiglin concluded.

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