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Moshe Feiglin: Israeli Psyche Needs Arabs

“Even if it would pass, the Knesset bill that would ban MKs who act against the State from serving in the Knesset will never be implemented,” said Moshe Feiglin. “At least not against Arabs.”

“The Opposition will not vote along with the Coalition to provide the necessary votes. And even if it would, the High Court would disqualify the bill.
Why?” asked Feiglin.

“If Arab MKs Zoabi and Zahlake didn’t exist, the Right would have to invent them,” Feiglin explained. “Otherwise, how would it win the elections when the Left was leading by four mandates? The Right won the elections thanks to the Arabs – or the Israeli publics fear/disgust of them.

And when for the past four months Jews are being slaughtered in the streets and the Right has no answer, which witch do our leaders send the public to hunt, if not the Arabs?” Feiglin said.

“After I expelled 4 Arab MKs from the Knesset plenum in my role as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset,” Feiglin continued, “MK Basil Ratas warned me, ‘If you continue like this, we will leave the Knesset.’ ‘What makes you think that I care?” I answered.

According to Feiglin, the Arabs are fully aware how much Israel needs them. “The Left needs them in order to establish a state of all its citizens in Israel. The Right needs them in order to remain in power. The ‘Israeli’ needs the Arab in order to forget that he is a Jew,” Feiglin concluded.


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