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Moshe Feiglin: Legal Advisors’ 80,000NIS Pension Unethical

Doesn’t it seem strange that just one day after the scandalous pensions of the State Legal Advisors are publicized (80,000 NIS monthly) the leftist MKs attack a mayor, duly elected by the public, who attempted to replace a legal advisor who prevented him from working? It is the State’s Attorney’s office that should be disgraced today. Personally, I have no faith in their conduct. As long as nothing has been proven against Nazareth Mayor Shimon Gefso, he is completely innocent. Those who should be doing some soul searching to remove the moral turpitude from their immediate vicinity are those who take a monthly pension of 80,000 NIS – at the expense of the overtaxed middle class in Israel. Mayor Gefso was just re-elected, once again, by his constituents. They are obviously happy with his service, despite the State’s Attorney’s efforts to disgrace him. Somebody here has forgotten that it is the people who are the sovereign.

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