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Moshe Feiglin: War or Peace – no More Terror

“Administrative detention is an illegitimate tool born of an illegitimate reality,” said Moshe Feiglin in a radio interview. “ I oppose all administrative detention – of both Arabs and Jews. I think that the ability of the State to negate a person’s liberty without an indictment – without facts – is not legitimate”.

“There are two basic states in which a country finds itself:” Feiglin continued.  “War and peace. Each of those states has its own laws,” he explained.  “There are laws of war, in which you kill the enemy or punish him collectively.  There is also a state of peace with its own laws.”

Feiglin noted that in the aftermath of the Six Day War, Israel chose not to declare sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. “We have turned ourselves into occupiers in our own Land,” said Feiglin, “and created the swamp that we call terror with our very own hands. If you are not able to identify your enemy, you will never be able to defeat him. If you call your enemy ‘terror’, you will never win the war.”

“Israel must end the Occupation, declare sovereignty over all parts of the Land of Israel and will then deal only with war and peace. No more terror,” Feiglin concluded.

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  1. GavrielaRukhama says:

    HaShem has sent us someone who is willing to help us lead ourselves. All we have to do is choose him. Please, G*d, give us the brains and the heart to do so, and to stop following the goyim!

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