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Oslo Strikes Netanyahu Again: By Moshe Feiglin

Netanyahu must go home!

From reports this week in Israel’s major newspapers, it appears that PM Netanyahu was willing to conquer Gaza on the condition that Abu Mazen would be willing afterwards to take it off Israel’s hands.

Our IDF soldiers are ‘lucky’ that even though their prime minister was willing to send them to risk their lives in an impossible war in the alleys and tunnels of Gaza, the terrorist from the PLO was not willing to take it from the terrorist from Hamas – after our sons would have shed their blood to conquer it for him.

Absolutely insane.

For years I have been warning of this bizarre – but unavoidable – Oslo-driven development. If these reports are correct, which they seem to be, PM Netanyahu has lost the moral foundation to continue to lead the State of Israel. It is our duty to send him and his ministers home.


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