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Abandonment? Give the Settlers Their Fair Share: By Moshe Feiglin

The share of the settlers in Israel’s security – in blood and money – is greater than that of any other sector in Israel’s population. As is widely known, there are a disproportionately large number of soldiers from the settlements fighting in combat and elite units. What is less widely known is that the settlers are the most economically productive sector in Israel – the true middle class. As such, their share in taxes paid to the State, which trickle down to the military budget – is proportionately the highest in Israel.

The idea of abandoning them to the murderous hordes of the PLO and Hamas is evil and cruel. But if someone means this seriously, it is only right that the settler’s proportional part in the IDF be left in their hands, so that they can defend themselves.

The main obligation – and according to some, the only obligation – of a state toward its citizen is to provide them with security. If the State of Israel is incapable of upholding its basic contract with its citizens in Judea and Samaria, that is fine. But just as when a couple decides to divorce, their decision comes with a price tag, so too, when a state chooses to opt out of its basic contract with its citizens, there is a price tag attached. The state cannot leave with all of their shared assets. The settlers, who lawfully built their homes and paid with their taxes and lives so that they could get security from their state, deserve to get their investment back.

You want to leave? No problem. Just return everything that you have taken from us to help you provide us with your basic commitment. Give the settlers the weapons that were bought with their tax money so that they will be able to defend themselves.

This type of demand by the settler leadership will ensure that the public debate that will ensue will focus on rights and not on pleas for mercy.

Anybody who thought that we can prevent Israeli retreats with convincing and love – or with demonstrations and a determined struggle, has to understand that those methods will not work. There is one way to prevent retreat and to change direction and that is – to rule. It is time to understand that he who rules makes the rules.

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