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Feiglin: To Triumph, Israel Needs Leadership Free of Oslo Misconception

“PM Netanyahu and the civilian and military leadership will now do everything they can to protect Israel,” said MK Moshe Feiglin after the start of Operation Protective Edge. “But they will do it from within the mentality captive to the Oslo misconception. None of them are capable of emerging from this mental captivity. Not one of them – despite my honest respect for all of them.”

“Do not fall into the trap of leaders who speak with belligerence,” Feiglin continued. “Sharon was a great Zionist and a greater hero than all those making bellicose statements today. But ultimately, he invented the concept ‘Restraint is power’ – and fled Gaza. He did not understand the problem and, like the rest of Israel’s leaders, became part of it.”

Feiglin stated that “Israel has backed itself into a lose-lose situation. PM Netanyahu is not capable of turning the situation around, but he will do better damage control than any other leader.”

“I know how to change the situation from its foundation, but the time for my leadership is not yet ripe,” said Feiglin. “With G-d’s help, it is approaching. But it is not yet here. I will not rest until, with G-d’s help, until I reach the place where I can implement the solution.

I promise you, with G-d’s help, that I will be there when the time comes to lead Israel to a completely different reality; a reality of security, prosperity and great faith.

In the meantime, as long as we continue to strive for our goal but have not yet reached it, we must give the existing leadership all the support it needs.”

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