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Moshe Feiglin: Third Intifada Most Dangerous of All

“Defense Minister Ya’alon is technically correct when he says that the number of victims of each terror attack in this current intifada is less than in the previous intifada,” said Moshe Feiglin on Tuesday.  “Thank G-d that until now, we are paying a ‘lower price’ for the short-sightedness and flaccidity of our leaders. But Ya’alon’s claim proves just how disconnected the government is from reality. If we dig beneath the surface, we will see that the current Arab uprising is the worst of all.”

“We are no longer looking at terror organizations somewhere over the border,” Feiglin explained. “We are looking at a war declared against us by the Arabs who live in the Land of Israel, with growing partnership with the Arabs who live in the State of Israel. The Third Intifada is beginning to look more like a sporadic, personal civil war. The mentality that currently prevails among the government leaders does not have a way to control the violence. If it continues, its results will be much worse than those of its predecessors.”

Feiglin says that the root of the problem is Israel’s loss of confidence in the justice of its cause, lending it instead to the enemy.  “Before we declared in Oslo that this is their Land – not ours –” , he pointed out, “I used to have my car repaired in a garage in the heart of Gaza. When we fled Gaza, we created the Islamic imam who is now calling from Gaza for all the Arabs in Israel to stab Jews and chase them out of Haifa and Jaffa. And they are happy to oblige.”

Feiglin has a plan to stop the violence. “The only way to restore calm is to restore our sense of justice,” he said. “To internalize that this is our Land. Exclusively.  We must end the ‘Occupation’ and declare complete and exclusive sovereignty over all parts of the Land of Israel in our hands.”

Feiglin’s plan includes three options for the Arabs:

  1. Declaration of loyalty to the State of Israel as the state of the Jewish Nation as a condition for permanent residency status.
  2. Receipt of generous assistance to emigrate from Israel.
  3. Entry into a long-term process of Hebrew studies and national service in order to submit a request for citizenship.
  • No sovereign entity other than the IDF or Israel Police will exist within Israel’s borders. Certainly not in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.
  • Any nationalistically motivated violence will be considered a declaration of war and dealt with accordingly – both for the terrorist and his local support system.

“Clearly,” Feiglin predicted, “Netanyahu, Ya’alon and Bennett will do the opposite. They will try to pacify the Arabs with surrender and further retreats. The attempt to sweep the glowing embers under the rug may create a false impression of calm, but will ensure a more severe outbreak of violence in a short time. Even worse, the sovereignty vacuum will clear the way for increasing international intervention in our Land.”

“Most probably, we will find ourselves in the midst of elections at some point along this process,” Feiglin concluded. “Let us create leadership that understands the Israeli reality and is capable of dealing with its challenges.”



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  1. martin says:

    In 2002 I returned from Israel where for 3 weeks I was a volunteer with the IDF [Israel Defense Force ]. This occurred during a time when much bloodshed was let on both sides of the conflict. I penned the following words — in 2002! –with some modifications today for clarity.

    Here are some selected issues that are heatedly debated [ in 2002 ] which preoccupies the minds of those closely concerned with an interest to the conflict, such as (1) the status of Jerusalem, that is, whether it shall be a capitol of a state, and whether sovereignty shall be shared or not, (2) the ending of the military occupation, (3) Israel withdrawing to this or that border, (4) the reformation and introduction of democracy within the PLO, (5) whether Chairman Arafat goes, or stays, or is essential, or is irrelevant (6) the plan to withdraw the Israeli army from the legally occupied territories in the West Bank and Gaza, (7) how to end the suicide bombers ,(8) termination of the Intifada (9) the end of all terrorism mutual hate (10) and, lastly, what issue could be more heatedly debated than this: the issue of the establishment of a Palestinian State.

    All of these issues, and any other you can think of, means absolutely nothing to the solution of the conflict. Have I made myself clear? Repeat: Absolutely nothing! All such issues are secondary, cosmetic, compared to the one essential element required for peace: Arab acknowledgment and acceptance of the State of Israel. But Arabs will never acknowledge and accept the state of Israel therefore Israel will never be at peace.

    My belief is that for “peace” to be attained, or have the expectation of being attained, the State of Israel, in order to ensure its own existence, must not initiate any act, must not continue to carry on any contact, or hold any discussion with Arabs any longer in search of a peace between the parties. Stop! Ignore them. “He who cares the least controls the relationship”. That it has become a pointless exercise too costly to continue in terms of life and limb should now be obvious even to a casual observer. After frustrating and fruitless years of “negotiating”, would it not occur to you that it is time to bring this impotent “peace process” to a close?

    Israel must cease all current negotiations regarding the creation of a “Palestine State”. Carrying on discussions with the Palestinians gives them an identity and status they have not earned, or deserve at this time. Unfortunately, there has been established by the Oslo Accord a relationship between the State of Israel and a non-State, the PLO, much to the detriment of Israel. Israel now recognizes this as the second biggest blunder since the creation of the State of Israel.

    The issue is so crystal clear: Israel must finally stop fantasizing and unilaterally announce what its borders shall be — from the Jordan to the sea, or whatever border will assure-not its security, that is misguided and shortsighted — but its survival! Security, if you have not been able to grasp, is not the issue. The issue is survival!

    What was the first blunder? — failure to annex all the Land of Israel–and be done with it!

    Israel must then have the courage to pointedly ignore any objection to the manner of resolving the nation’s current conflict in its own interest, as I feel it must to ensure its own existence. If the now-stateless Arabs within annexed territory wish to pledge their allegiance to a sovereign body, they may elect to move to an Arab country

    Decisive and unilateral action by the Israelis may cause several other European states to rage and rant, but that too shall pass as their demographic, namely, immigration, problems are becoming of more immediate interest to them than what will become of the “poor” Palestinians. There is no European state that has the stomach to confront Israel with military action now or in the foreseeable future.

    Do it, and stop the bleeding! There isn’t enough Jewish blood to bleed forever.

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