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Leftists, When Will You Get It? By Moshe Feiglin

MK Moshe Feiglin responds to an inflammatory article against him in Ha’aretz

The left wing’s hypocrisy, inflexibility and mental rigidity are clearly evident in Sefi Rachlevsky’s latest article (“A moment before Armageddon,” Dec. 2), with its attempts at intimidation based on twisting the facts and painting a picture of an imminent doomsday scenario about to descend upon us. The public is not stupid and will not succumb to manipulations by him and his ilk, in their attempts to scare people with phrases such as “detonating mosques,” “transfer” and “ethnic cleansing.”

My world view is based on a conception of our moral and historic right to this land, a right to uncompromising and unfaltering sovereignty, with a commitment to upholding human rights for every human being, whoever he may be.

For years I have been reading Haaretz, wishing to hear opinions contrary to my own. Representatives of the enlightened left in the Knesset, on the other hand, have been trying to shut down the daily Israel Hayom, as they previously tried to do to the Arutz Sheva radio station. Enlightenment only likes to listen to itself.

In order to conduct a sane debate, free of the left’s verbal terror tactics, one must return to the origins. The Jewish people survived for thousands of years while other Biblical nations did not. This was no coincidence. The Jewish nation is linked to an eternal principle. It bears a message. The State of Israel arose in the Land of Israel thanks to the Zionist enterprise, the Jewish, political and moral principles of which were clear and uncompromising. Back then, when we were sure of the justice of our cause, we demanded a Jewish state from the Jordan River to the sea.

The recognition that this is our land is the basis for peace with the Arabs living among us, citizens and non-citizens. An understanding that in times of conflict a weakening of resolve and of Jewish sovereignty, along with timid talk by the left, brings upon us violence, terror and escalation is an essential condition for understanding reality here and key to restoring security.

When this timid talk is uttered by our most senior police commander, we have a problem. When a retired head of the security services vilifies the prime minister using filthy language, we weaken our sovereignty and arm our foes with ammunition for a renewed conflagration.

I’ve been going to the Temple Month every month for the last 15 years, not as an act of defiance. I go to the holiest site of my people in order to pray (silently, to my shame) as a Jew, a citizen and a public representative in a sovereign state. That is my right and the right of every Israeli citizen, whether Arab or Jew. Anyone opposing this presents a lunatic position, espousing capitulation before murderous terror which slits the throats of worshippers in a synagogue or runs over babies.

A responsible leadership must pursue a goal of one state, that of the Jewish nation, which is committed to the safety of its citizens, their security and prosperity; a leadership that takes direct responsibility for bringing down the cost of living; a leadership that will grant Arab citizens human rights and a high standard of living, along with a decent financial incentive for those who cannot accept our sovereignty over the entire land and wish to leave.


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