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  • Opposition to any type of coercion: religious, anti-religious, economic, cultural, educational, etc.
  • Allocation of State land to the citizens
  • Privatization of government companies to the public and not to core shareholders
  • Open communications: Broadcasting licenses – not broadcasting franchises
  • Restoration of parental responsibility for the education of their children with voucher method
  • Gradual transformation of the IDF into a professional, volunteer army
  • No biometric or human marking database
  • Supervised legalization of cannabis

Simply put, we have One G-d above us, and we should not be enslaved to any person or mechanism.  The State of Israel is ours and under no circumstances are we enslaved to it. 

No Coercion of any kind: religious, anti-religious, economic, cultural, educational etc.

Instead of religious legislation, we must allow our Jewish cultural common denominator to freely develop. Just as there is no law enforcing circumcision, so we do not need other religious laws, either. Ultimately, the decision on religious legislation must be made by the community, not by the state. If the community desires, it should be able to institute  privately provided public transportation on Shabbat. The same goes for commerce on Shabbat. We can rely on the Jews, who, by a vast majority – more than 80% – are deeply connected and committed to their Jewish identity. Coercion elicits an  opposite reaction. We must highlight and empower our Jewish identity by removing the barriers of fear and coercion, allowing the true will of the majority to be expressed in fashioning our national Jewish identity.  Learn more

Allocation of State land to the citizens

  • Reminiscent of a totalitarian state, approximately 93% of land earmarked for housing is currently held by the State  through the Israel Lands Authority. Even more amazing is the fact that most of the land made available for housing come from the additional seven percent of privately owned land in Israel. The State is simply holding onto this main resource, which belongs to the entire nation. This in turn creates an unnatural increase in the cost of the land, housing and living.

Israel is our Land – not only on a national level, but also on a private level. Joshua allocated the Land of Israel to the Tribes and families before the Children of Israel actually entered. The Torah sanctifies the connection between the Jew in Israel and his allotted land. There must be a gradual, lottery-based transfer of ownership of land from the State to the Nation. Free trade between citizens will significantly lower the cost of the land and will reduce the cost of housing – similar to what took place when cell phone rates were reduced. In this way, our children will also be able to buy their own homes.

Restoration of parental responsibility for the education of their children with the voucher method

The Torah teaches us that a father must teach his son Torah. But in the State of the Jews, this responsibility is no longer the parents’, but instead, the Education Minister’s. Without noticing, the parents have given up the most central liberty: the liberty to educate their children. Currently, if a parent opt to educate his child independently, he must receive special authorization from the Education Ministry. In a liberty-based Jewish state, we must employ the voucher method for education. The Education Ministry will allocate education vouchers to parents as per the number of children of school age. Special needs children will receive more vouchers. The parents will be able to redeem the vouchers at the school of their choice. This will create healthy competition between schools, the level and options will greatly increase and the responsibility and liberty will return to the parents.

Gradual transformation of the IDF into a professional, volunteer army

In the sixties and seventies, the population of Israel was half of what it is today. We were surrounded by regular armies on all our borders, which were waiting for the orders to destroy us. Despite all that, mandatory army service was only two and a half years, not three, as it is today. Further, women soldiers did not serve in combat units. Today, the only army that presents a threat to Israel is from Egypt (thanks to the ‘peace’ accords), on the other side of the Sinai demilitarized zone. Hi-tech and guerilla warfare have replaced conventional warfare to a great extent. Nonetheless, everyone is inducted in the name of the “people’s army” ethos.

The IDF does not need these new inductees and had already admitted as much in the conclusion of a number of fact-finding committees.  Mandatory draft is appropriate during actual wartime and severely contradicts the liberation principle. Israel must have the IDF evolve into a volunteer-professional army. The IDF will be able to choose who it really wants and needs and recompense them accordingly, affording them academic and advanced professional training.  Everybody who has reached induction age will be drafted, receive a short basic training and will have completed their army service. In an emergency, they can be drafted for homeland security or for a more advanced training. This will make the question of mandatory draft for those  not interested – irrelevant.

Jerusalem: Complete Sovereignty, Particularly on the Temple Mount

The key to victory is justice. When, as part of  the Oslo Accords, we recognized a nation without history and its rights to Israel’s heartland – we lost the most important weapon of all: the justice of our cause. When the Hamas talks in the name of justice, while we speak in the name of pragmatism and our rate to defend ourselves, the most advanced weapons will not help. Victory cannot be achieved without belief in the justice of one’s cause. In our army, the word ‘victory’ has been removed from the lexicon.  We cannot convince the world that we believe that this is our Land if we do not restore our full sovereignty over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount – the most sacred place to the Nation of Israel, which has not been in our hands for quite some time.

 Legalization of Medical Marijuana

The prohibition against cannabis leads to three negative results:

  1. The assault on the principle of  human liberty: When a person’s actions do not harm anyone else, the State should not be interfering.
  2. Harm to the ill: For many seriously ill patients, cannabis is a lifeline. But just a fraction of the seriously ill are authorized to use the substance. The fear that the cannabis will find its way to the open market creates terrible suffering for many ill patients who could have been helped by the substance.
  3. The prohibition makes hundreds of thousands of honest citizens dependant on the services of the underworld and hostile elements for their cannabis. Clearly, cannabis cannot be available unsupervised on the open market. But we must begin a process of regulation. For example: A limited amount of Cannabis may be sold only to those 21 or older after they have received specific instructions etc. so that they understand the implications of cannabis use and how and when to use the substance.

Legalization of cannabis would remove the underworld from the arena, restore liberty to a large segment of the population and would allow any ill person to use cannabis as a medicine.

No biometric or human marking database

An individual can lose his liberty without feeling a thing. It must be guarded  with the greatest vigilance. Biometric information in the hands of the government is a major step in the direction of loss of liberty.

Open communications: Communications licenses – not franchises

Any individual or group that wishes to broadcast should be able to pay for a frequency and broadcast as they see fit, within the parameters of the laws of slander and in keeping with state security as already legislated. 

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