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Moshe Feiglin in Knesset: Red Line on Iran is Here

This week we witnessed the collapse of the preconception that has guided Israel’s strategy for dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat. That is entirely clear and we all agree on that point. If we ask ourselves when it was technically and tactically easier for Israel to attack Iran and when we enjoyed more international support for an attack – 10 years ago or now – the honest answer must be that today it is much more difficult. In other words, Israel’s strategy has collapsed. I spoke about this at length, wrote about this at length and I do not want to repeat it as I would like to touch upon a point that I would like to discuss now, sir, within the framework of this deliberation.

We are used to thinking that the ‘red line’ on Iran is some sort of uranium enrichment: In other words, a technical red line that reflects Iranian capabilities. I think that that is a major mistake. The process of the destruction of the Jews that we know as the Holocaust did not begin in 1939 with the start of World War II. The Holocaust began in 1933 when the leader of a large and important country was elected and from his Reichstag, announced his intention to destroy the Jews. The red line is when a head of state declares his intention to destroy the Jews. From that moment, the clock begins to tick and the very right of the Jews to exist is questioned. That is the red line and we do not have to wait for a technical, enrichment red line to understand that we have crossed it long ago. Thank you.”


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