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Moshe Feiglin: Medical Marijuana Proposal Adopted by Cabinet Will Make Matters Worse for Ill

Yesterday, Health Minister Yael German passed a proposal in the cabinet that ‘regulates’ medical marijuana. “Read my lips,” I said to Yael German and her Health Ministry CEO Rony Gimzo, who tried to convince me of the benefits of their proposal. “We will meet in half a year and you will see that the situation has deteriorated.”

What is the problem? Why do they insist on making it more complicated for so many victims of serious illness to get relief for their pain? Why shouldn’t the people suffering from MS be able to get the cannabis that so clearly helps them?

Some people think that the reason is corruption – plain and simple. That suspicion is not unwarranted: the proposal passed in the cabinet and the fact that the Sarel drug company received a monopoly on the distribution of medical cannabis raises very serious questions. But the corruption – if it exists – is the result, not the cause of the problem.

The reason for the Health Ministry’s insistence on maintaining its control over cannabis distribution is much more than simple corruption. Cannabis is an entity that the government and medical establishments cannot grasp. It is not a medicine; it is simply a plant. It is not clear exactly how it works. Cannabis eludes all their control paradigms. It doesn’t come in a capsule with dosage and manufacturer  instructions. They do not really control it. They are not really sovereign over it. The Master of the World is the sovereign and what we need is some humility, basic modesty and understanding that there are things that we cannot wrap our brains around – but they exist, nevertheless. In other words, we must be willing to admit that we are not G-d.

Those who do merit this understanding and faith are truly free. They have been liberated from servitude to the worst form of idolatry: servitude to themselves.

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