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Moshe Feiglin: Defense Minister Ya’alon Owes Me 4,000NIS

In a Facebook post following the destruction of the Lazar home in Yitzhar by Israeli forces, Moshe Feiglin wrote the following:

DM Ya’alon already owes me 4,000 shekels.
This is the second consecutive month that I have given all of my tithe money set aside for charity to the dear families whose homes were destroyed by the forces who answer to the Defense Minister – in the name of the law, of course.

Bogey tries to explain that nothing can be done as the newly built homes were illegal. But the homeowners do not enjoy any form of equality. Surrounding their homes are thousands of Arab homes being built with no authorization. The law, then, is not the problem. The problem is the politician’s weakness, which leads to serious evil.

Last month, it was the Kaizer family from Kidah who lost their home. Last week, it was the Lazar family in Yitzhar. Pictured is my recent visit to the ruins of their home. Avi Lazar is determined to re-build his home. Those who donate to this reconstruction project are doing more than merely contributing to these amazing pioneers: First and foremost, they are contributing to themselves. As we have consistently seen throughout Jewish history, the moment always arises when we say to ourselves, “How fortunate that the Jewish People has produced such giants to safeguard Israel’s heartland for us, while a cruel enemy fights them from without and pitiful, short-sighted politicians fight them from within.”

To contribute to rebuilding the Lazar home, call (Israel) 972-2-960-5558.

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