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Nobody is Talking about Justice: By Moshe Feiglin

We are not fighting against the Gazans. We are fighting against ourselves. After all, we really do not have an operational problem with kites. We have a moral problem. At least that is what the Chief of Staff said this week.

 In other words, the battlefield is not the Gaza border, but rather, the plane of our moral foundation.

 The Gazans have simply managed to pinpoint the battlefield on which they are much more advanced than Israel – and to keep winning. When they say that this Land belongs to them, they are talking about historical justice.

 When we talk about economic rehabilitation, opening or closing checkpoints, security – we talk about everything in the world except what they talk about. We talk pragmatism. But justice will beat out pragmatism every time.

 So how do we defeat someone who say that Jaffa is his?

By answering that Gaza is ours.


Yes, it is ours. Historically, ethically and according to our faith.

It is only ours.

As long as we are incapable of doing this, as long as we remain pragmatic, they will be the just side.

And their kites will continue to defeat our F-35s.


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