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Feiglin Blows Whistle on Corruption in Medical Market in Israel

In a Channel 2 News investigation on Sunday evening, Moshe Feiglin revealed that as part of his Knesset efforts to legislate medical marijuana for more suffering patients in Israel, he discovered that a private company called Sarel has manipulated the entire health system in Israel. It holds a monopoly on all the Health Ministry medical contracts and funnels taxpayer money into private pockets. “We are talking about billions of shekels,” said Feiglin, enough money to cover the entire deficit of the Health Ministry. As I have blown the whistle on Sarel’s corrupt tactics, the company has begun to threaten me.” (See the attached article) http://www.jewishisrael.org/?p=3348

MK Feiglin called upon Health Minister German and Finance Minister Lapid to immediately cease government contracts with Sarel and to open the medical cannabis market to true competition. He also called upon them to approve the bill that he proposed, which would  allow every patient whose doctor recommended medical cannabis treatment to get the immediate treatment to which the patient is entitled.

“Once Sarel is out of the picture,” Feiglin added, “taxpayer money will remain in the public health system and it will enjoy an amazing recovery and long-term health.”


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