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Moshe Feiglin: Disconnect Between National Camp Leaders and Voters

The following is a translated excerpt from Moshe Feiglin’s Facebook Live broadcast, Thursday, June 14th.

Question: Sadly, Netiv Ha’avot was destroyed this week. But the government has promised to build many new houses in exchange. Maybe we should actually thank Peace Now for bringing about the destruction of the neighborhood?

Moshe Feiglin: Netiv Ha’avot was destroyed by the Netanyahu government. It is a  painful example of the total disconnect between the politicians of the National Camp and their constituency. The leaders of the National Camp were not even willing to endanger an inch of their political power in order to save Netiv Ha’avot. These politicians understood that they would not lose anything if Netiv Ha’avot would be destroyed, so they did nothing practical to stop the destruction. On the other hand, the same politicians spoke at the protest rally the day before the destruction and the people there applauded. They don’t even expect leaders who are willing to get past their personal stature and act. Today, there is no way to talk about destruction of an Arab village. The Left has eliminated that completely from the public discourse. But the destruction of Jewish homes is completely acceptable.  The leadership of the National Camp is bankrupt.

Do we owe thanks to Peace Now for bringing about the destruction of Netiv Ha’avot? That is ridiculous. Do we thank Pharaoh for enslaving us in Egypt so that we could be miraculously redeemed? Do we thank Hitler y”sh for slaughtering 6 million Jews so that the State of Israel would be born? The time has come for our leadership to stop the destruction and to take positive action to ensure the development and broadening of all Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria. Leadership is about endangering your personal status for the good of the public that you represent.


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